Salesian missionaries in Nigeria are responding with aid and prevention measures for those impacted by the pandemic. Five communities in northern Nigeria are being provided clean water access for drinking water and hand-washing. At a hospital for mothers and children, there is an awareness program and instruction on how to

Don Bosco Boys Town (also known as Bosco Boys), located in Nairobi, Kenya, provides education and technical skills training to former street children and is currently serving more than 600 boys and girls. Bosco Boys also has a reception and rehabilitation center known as Bosco Boys Langata, established to help


Americas & Caribbean

The EcoClub, which was started in 2018 at the Don Bosco Technical Institute in Panama, engages in initiatives to help the environment. It has installed recycling points throughout the institution and held a week for internal recycling, which collected more than 3,500 kg of material. Santiago Corrales Rodríguez, a former

The Salesian University (UniSalesiano), located in Araçatuba, Brazil, launched two important initiatives over the last few weeks. The first is hepatitis C testing for adults and the second is transforming a municipal emergency room into a specialized clinic. The first part of the new clinic will be made available in


Asia & Oceania

Don Bosco School Mebo, in Arunachal Pradesh, India, has clean water access thanks to funding received by Salesian Missions "Clean Water Initiative," which enabled it to build underground water tanks to harvest rainwater. Water tanks are completed at the school and near the boys’ hostel. A final tank will be

Salesian missionaries with Don Bosco Navajeevan, located in Hyderabad, India, launched a training course during the pandemic lockdown which teaches people how to make bread and sweets. The project is known as “Chiguru sweets cart for sustainable development." This new training has created new paths of development and female empowerment.



Following safety protocols, 136 Salesian schools throughout Spain started again, educating more than 95,000 students and employing thousands of teachers and staff members. Salesian teachers and staff members worked over their summer holiday to prepare for the new school year, including how to address some of the challenges children have


Special Reports From Salesian Missions

Salesian Missions joins humanitarian organizations and countries around the globe in celebrating International Literacy Day, celebrated each year on Sept. 8. This year’s theme focuses on “Literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.” Salesian Missions highlights programs with a focus on literacy and that give poor youth

Salesian Missions joins humanitarian organizations and countries around the globe in honoring the International Day of Charity celebrated each year on Sept. 5. Nearly 30,000 Salesian priests, brothers, sisters and novices are working in more than 130 countries around the globe bringing poor youth and their families education, workforce development

Salesian organizations around the globe are responding to the coronavirus pandemic with food, hygiene supplies, medical care and awareness about the virus and prevention strategies. Salesian Missions has answered the call to ensure this critical aid reaches those most in need.