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Content from MissionNewswire can be republished at not cost and without prior authorization, as long these guidelines are followed.

PLEASE NOTE: Only content attributed to MissionNewswire may be republished. At times, content on this site is from other sources.


  • Publisher must be a Catholic organization, news outlet, nonprofit organization or educational institution, with a well-meaning and honest purpose for publishing the content. Journalistic standards must be followed.
  • The content on this site may not be used for commercial purposes.


  • Whenever possible “(MissionNewswire)” should appear in parenthesis at the beginning of the article, just as it does at the beginning of articles on this site.
  • If the content is being published online, hyperlink like so: (MissionNewswire)
  • If the content is being published in print, use: “(MissionNewswire.org)”
  • If your publication/site’s rules do not allow for attribution at the beginning of an article, include this at the end of the article: “This article has been provided by MissionNewswire as a public service provided by Salesian Missions.” (If an online publication, hyperlink the URL If appearing in print, add “.org” making it  MissionNewswire.org)


  • MissionNewswire content follows AP (Associated Press) guidelines.
  • Articles may be published in full or in part.
  • If an entire article is not used, include “Read full article at MissionNewswire.org” (hyperlink to article if it is an online publication).
  • Headlines may be altered to suit editorial style, but must remain accurate.
  • All original MissionNewswire content remains the intellectual property of Salesian Missions.


Photos may be used, unless they are from a third-party other than ANS or a Salesian source. Note the fine print regarding photos at the end of each article. We do use United Nations photos at times, and indicate as such. In that case, you must follow their guidelines, which can be found here. If it is unclear whether a photo may be used, contact us.


Questions? Want to become a content partner? Want an original article just for your publication?

  • Email editor@dev.missionnewswire.org


MissionNewswire is the official news service of Salesian Missions and is produced as a public service.

Articles may also appear on Trust.org, ReliefWeb.org, among others.