Salesians in Zaragoza, Spain, held the 37th gala award ceremony for the Don Bosco National Prize, which highlights the talents of those mastering science

The Maria Auxiliadora Salesian School in Villena, Spain, organized a garlic sowing session for primary and grade school students. Students from grades 1-5 took

Graphic design students from the Salesian Institute in Pamplona, Spain, and the Don Bosco Center in Marseilles, France, collaborated on the “Printing Smiles” project.

The “nARTure” project aimed to foster the bond between youth and their cultural and natural environment through innovative workshops in Spain, Portugal and Greece.

The Salesian-run Hogar Fundación Institute in Vigo, Spain, celebrated its 75th anniversary with a commemorative day that included dignitaries, past pupils and teachers. Since

The State Coordination of Salesian Social Platforms in Madrid held the “Comprehensive approach for children, young people and educational teams” workshop for Salesian staff.

The Don Bosco Foundation in Spain has been supporting youth like Alhassane Camara, who left Guinea for Spain to find a better life. Thanks

Erasmus Day was held from Oct. 9-14 to showcase the numerous international experiences within the Erasmus+ program, the European Union’s program to support education,

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