The Don Bosco Foundation, which was founded Cordoba, Spain, more than 21 years ago, has won a commemorative award as part of the Andalucía

The Salesian Institute in Ciudad Real, south of Madrid, was recently awarded the 2019 Educational Innovation Award in the Best Innovative Experience-Nursery and Primary

The Salesian Mission Office Madrid and the Salesian Jóvenes y Desarrollo Foundation presented a new documentary “Palabek: Refuge of Hope” from award-winning filmmaker Raúl

(MissionNewswire) The Salesian centers, María Auxiliadora in Santander and Salesianos Estrecho in Madrid, are two of only 12 centers in Spain recognized as Google

(MissionNewswire) In March 2017, Salesian youth centers in Spain launched a project called Suriya to support youth affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria.

(MissionNewswire) On Mar. 13, the 32nd Don Bosco National Awards was held to acknowledge innovative projects developed in the fields of secondary education, vocational training

(MissionNewswire) The Salesian publishing house, Edebé Group, located in Barcelona, Spain, and Google for Education have reached a collaboration agreement for the production and distribution

(MissionNewswire) An event celebrating the 33rd Goya Awards, Spain's foremost annual national film awards, was held in Seville on Saturday, Feb. 2. "Campeones" and "El

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