Salesian Social Platforms, which is run by the Salesian Pinardi Federation, has programs in Spain to help vulnerable unaccompanied minors. Salesian Social Platforms primarily

The work of Salesian missionaries with at-risk youth was recently highlighted on social media by the Fundamental Rights Agency, a European Union agency focused

Salesian educational centers are reopening for students in Spain. Vocational training and B.A. courses have started again with face-to-face lessons. Teachers and students have

Salesian Missions Madrid and the Spanish Salesian Jóvenes y Desarrollo Foundation (Youth and Development) in Spain are helping Salesian organizations in countries around the globe

Salesian centers in Spain launched the Enredados campaign, an initiative that helps families look at safety while online. The campaign aims to address questions

BoscoSocial projects focus on training and support and have impacted more than 14,000 children, adolescents and youth at risk of social exclusion. Nearly 1,400

Salesian teachers who took part in continuing education courses focusing on the management of educational centers and pastoral coordination received their diplomas at the

The Salesian College of Puertollano had new solar panels installed on the roofs of the pavilions of the vocational and secondary education centers. More

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