Salesian missionaries with Don Bosco Elk, of Elk, Poland, operate a socio-sports school

Don Bosco Elk provides socio-sports school for 140 youth (MissionNewswire) Salesian

Students from the Salesian Evrim School in Istanbul, Turkey, took part in the Marco Polo project focused on “Dialogue with the East. Peace and Sustainability"

Students from the Salesian Evrim School, located in Istanbul, Turkey,


On May 3, Pope Francis welcomed members of the National Confederation for Upskilling in Technical Skills to the Vatican, marking the commemoration of its

Father Daniel Antúnez, president of Don Bosco Missions in Italy, recently returned from a trip to visit projects in Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine*. Salesians

Salesian missionaries in Pamplona, Spain, are involved in the INFINITE project, part of the European Executive Agency for Education and Culture Erasmus Cove project.

The Salesian Vocational Training Center in Genoa, Italy, has launched a new mechanics' motor vehicle repair course. The 500-hour training course, divided equally between

Salesian missionaries in Italy have launched an “Accompanying when trauma hits” training course at the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome. The course was organized

Don Bosco Foundation will manage a community kitchen at the La Foggara Community Social Services Center in the Poniente Norte area of Córdoba, Spain.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine,* Salesian missionaries around the globe have been working together to provide support and hope for those

Salesians in Zaragoza, Spain, held the 37th gala award ceremony for the Don Bosco National Prize, which highlights the talents of those mastering science