Children at Foyer Don Bosco (Don Bosco Kandi), a home for abused and abandoned children in Kandi, Benin, have their needs met thanks to

Salesians provide education and social development programs for poor youth and their families in Conakry, Guinea. While Conakry is a modern city, most people

Since the beginning of October 2022, almost 28,000 people seeking refuge from violence have arrived at Don Bosco Ngangi, located in Goma, Democratic Republic

Mission Don Bosco, the Salesian Mission office in Turin, Italy, has provided support for a new center in Kagwema, Burundi*, a town of 60,000

Don Bosco Boys Town Vocational Training Center, located in Nairobi, Kenya, recently held a graduation for 117 young men who are ready to find

Salesian missionaries have continued to develop the St. Joseph’s Farm, in Sagamu, Nigeria, thanks to donor funding from Salesian Missions. The farm is a

More than 350 children and older youth raced with Luke Kelly, a 22-year-old marathon runner and a member of the famous musical group "Kelly

Salesians with Don Bosco Tech Africa in Nigeria are providing training about safeguarding and protecting children. Salesians work with abandoned children in two centers