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TANZANIA: Youth compete at sports event

The Salesian Province of Tanzania organized the first edition of Salesian Sports,

Salesians hold sporting event for more than 300 youth from across country

The first edition of Salesian Sports in Tanzania.


(MissionNewswire) The Salesian Province of Tanzania organized the first edition of Salesian Sports, with the theme of “The Dream that Makes You Dream.” The event brought together more than 300 youth and 32 leaders from all over the country to the Don Bosco Dodoma campus. Also present at the event were Father Michael Muia, provincial delegate for youth ministry, and Father Valerain Kway, delegate for the Salesian Family in the province.

A Salesian said, “The competition brought together boys and girls who have been involved in different disciplines, such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and netball. For many, it was an opportunity to meet and to test themselves. At the end of the day, after the tournaments and a moment of prayer, the winning teams were rewarded.”

Salesians believe in the importance of sports in education. The Salesian noted, “Sports and education complement each other, and youth learn study habits, hygiene and healthy eating, as well as the values of companionship and solidarity. Youth experience a positive transformation that translates into the development of discipline, punctuality and responsibility.”

In Tanzania, 67.9% of the population lives below the poverty line. While the country has seen some economic growth in tourism, mining, trade and communication, the number of Tanzanians living below the poverty line has marginally increased due to rapid population growth. In some regions, up to half of the population struggles to meet the cost of essential food and shelter and other basic necessities like clothing, health care and education. Nearly 43% of the population lives in extreme poverty.



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