A Salesian Missions donor provided funding for two siblings to continue their education in Thailand at the Hua Hin Vitthayalai School, located in the town

From the last week of April into May, many Salesian organizations in Thailand came together in support of local people in need. For example,

(MissionNewswire) The 80th anniversary of the Foundation for the Blind, which has patronage from the Queen of Thailand, was marked with a Bike with

(MissionNewswire) DiBosco Coffee, located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is the project of Mr. Phaisan who graduated from Don Bosco Technical School in Bangkok 20 years

(MissionNewswire) Salesian missionaries working in the province that comprises Thailand, Cambodia and Laos recently wrapped up 10 weeks of collaboration culminating in a two-day meeting and

(MissionNewswire) Five graduates from the Salesian Nonthaburi Skills Development Center for the Blind in Thailand’s capital of Bangkok have formed a Thai Men’s Goalball team

(MissionNewswire) Mercedes-Benz has signed a new partnership agreement with Don Bosco Banpong Technological College as part of the company's efforts to equip vocational students in

(MissionNewswire) BMW Group Thailand and Don Bosco Technological College in Bangkok recently announced a partnership to launch the BMW service apprentice program. The partnership

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