Salesian missionaries at the Salesian parish in San Benito Petén, Guatemala, are working to help those who have been left vulnerable in the face

Salesian missionaries in San Salvador, El Salvador, are responding to the increase in COVID-19 cases while also assisting with relief efforts for those impacted

Dr. Venancio de León, who attended Salesian schools, is working with COVID-19 patients in Guatemala. His patients are among the poorest and the working

Salesian missionaries in San Pedro Carchá are making improvements to the physical structures of their mission in the city. Salesians have been working in

The Salesian Technical Institute Ricaldone in San Salvador, El Salvador, has received donations to help support educational programming thanks to Salesian Missions. The donations

Don Bosco University in Soyapango, El Salvador, held the Science Challenge for the second consecutive year in honor of International Day of Women and

The “Walking Anew!” project in San Salvador, El Salvador, which runs from March 2017 to March 2021, is expanding and upgrading the facilities at

Salesian missionaries in San Benito Petén, Guatemala, have been providing support for migrants from Honduras who are trying to reach Mexico. Central American migrants,

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