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EL SALVADOR: Students to aim for the stars

Salesian-run FUSALMO, Soyapango in the San Salvador

Salesian-run FUSALMO wins prize to support projects that advance youth STEM skills


(MissionNewswire) The Salesian-run FUSALMO, located in the municipality of Soyapango in the San Salvador department of El Salvador, won first prize in the nongovernmental organization category in a contest facilitated by the “Helping those who help” program, an initiative of the Gloria Kriete Foundation, which grants funds for social projects.

At the award ceremony, an open forum was held. Nelson Cruze, executive director of FUSALMO, used the opportunity to share the experiences and perspectives of the Salesian organization in its work with youth. During its time in operation, FUSALMO has served more than 432,000 youth within its programs.

The award comes with a financial prize worth $100,000, which will be used to promote the implementation of FUSALMO’s Ad Astra project (from the phrase “to the stars”). The project focuses on guiding youth to develop their own skills and support their communities. Youth take part in robotics clubs and laboratories to develop their leadership through the STEAM+LAB approach and Industry 4.0.

This project also includes a Space for Investigators project in the FUSALMO facilities in Soyapango. It will fully equip an area for the transformation of ideas into innovative projects through the development of technical and technological skills, the promotion of collaborative and practical learning, and youth leadership.

A Salesian said, “The goal is to empower youth with critical thinking skills, innovation, and values of responsibility, teamwork, empathy, and problem solving, while preparing them to obtain better job opportunities and transform situations in their communities.”

El Salvador is one of the most violent countries in Central America, along with Honduras and Guatemala. Gang violence is a leading cause of violence in the country, and it’s estimated that some 60,000 young people have gang affiliation. Gang involvement often offers a sense of belonging and family that counters the lack of education and employment opportunities offered in the country.



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ANS – El Salvador – The FUSALMO Salesian Foundation’s “Ad Astra” Project wins first prize in the “Helping those who help” Program


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