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Salesian missionaries in India and around the globe are working in their centers and communities to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The

Despite the ongoing difficulties in Venezuela, Salesian missionaries continue providing education and social support. On March 7, Salesian missionaries held a health day at

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, some Salesian schools are moving to distance learning when possible. Egypt, which as of March 23 had

Salesian missionaries in Lima, Peru, are working to accommodate migrants and refugees from Venezuela. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked Salesian missionaries to sign

Salesian missionaries with Bosco Children Project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, are working on preventative measures in the face of COVID-19. The Salesian organization rescues

The Australian Salesian Missions Overseas Aid Fund (ASMOAF) has been working in collaboration with the local Salesian community in Suva, Fiji, to raise funds

The Real Madrid Foundation’s international coaches recently traveled to the Don Bosco Akosséwa Youth Center, which facilitates the Salesian social-sports school for soccer and

Flooding from Typhoon Lekima impacted the Don Bosco Technical and Hotel School, which educates more than 500 students and employs 90 staff. In a