(MissionNewswire) The border between the United States and Mexico spans 1,969 miles and has more than 20 checkpoints along its route. Constant migration is taking

(MissionNewswire) More than 46 percent of Mexico’s population lives in poverty, according to UNICEF. Close to 53 million people lack access to education, healthcare, transportation

(MissionNewswire) While parts of Mexico have seen signs of economic growth and financial stability, many areas continue to struggle. According to UNICEF, the human development

(MissionNewswire) In mid-February, the Salesians celebrated 50 years of providing education and other services to poor youth in the Province of Mexico-Guadalajara. Salesian Rector Major

(MissionNewswire) In early December 2012, a new medical clinic opened as part of a Salesian-run program in Morelia. The clinic was named after Father Alberto

(MissionNewswire) The Corner was opened in December in Lupita Oratory (Youth Center), one of three Salesian Youth Centers in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. The Corner is

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