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URUGUAY: Course highlights energy efficiency

Don Bosco Workshops trains technicians for electric vehicle work


(MissionNewswire) Don Bosco Workshops, located in Montevideo, Uruguay, took part in the National Energy Efficiency Award, an initiative carried out by Uruguay’s Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines. The purpose of the award is to showcase the commitment of institutions, companies and organizations that are engaged in the efficient use of energy.

Don Bosco Workshops was nominated for its “Specialization in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles” course, which aims to provide participants with a global vision of electric mobility and its link to environmental sustainability. The training also highlights the reconversion of traditional mechanics with the demands of the current market.

The course was created in 2019 through collaboration among Don Bosco Workshops and several companies in the automotive sector that were already working with electric vehicles. Technicians offered support and insight for the curriculum to ensure it met the demands of the current workforce.

A Salesian noted, “Over the past year, Don Bosco Workshops has trained more than 70 young people, with the support of numerous companies that decided to train their workers, teams and technicians in the automotive sector. Efforts have also been made to cut down on energy consumption by installing 150 solar panels that help meet the institute’s energy demand.”

Salesian missionaries offer many programs in Uruguay including shelters, primary and secondary schools, and technical and vocational education centers that help youth prepare for the future and learn the skills to be independent.

Uruguay has managed to decrease its poverty rate by almost half since 2007. Today, the poverty rate is close to 10% with the majority of poor residents concentrated in rural towns and villages. In addition to a lack of education and employment opportunities, access to affordable housing is a concern for many poor families. Many do not have the resources to purchase homes or land to build on, and schools are often so far away children cannot attend.



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