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UKRAINE: Soccer training supports injured soldiers

Training helps young men rise to challenges of their new lives

(MissionNewswire) The Don Bosco Youth Center in Lviv, Ukraine*, has started soccer training for young soldiers who have returned from the front lines and were injured fighting in the war. These young men have lost limbs and are rising to the challenges of their new lives. The plan is to develop soccer training so that the team can be involved in national and world competitions.

A Salesian explained, “Unfortunately, the war is bringing pain and suffering to all Ukrainian people. Many of those who went off to defend their homeland have lost their lives. Those who have come home will face disabilities for the rest of their lives. Salesians want to support them and help them deal with a difficult period in their lives, as well as help them reintegrate into society.”

Salesians hope to one day build a youth sports center on a block of land they already own. The field will be used for various sports and would be available for everyone in the city to utilize. The sporting activities will be aimed at young ex-soldiers who have been injured as well as children who have suffered amputations and have disabilities due to the war. The center will be designed to be inclusive and easily accessible to all.

The goal is to find donors who want to help Salesians in these effort to support those injured in war. Once the building is constructed, Salesians will provide courses and activities so that young people can find a place where they always feel welcomed and where they can integrate and rehabilitate.



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ANS – Ukraine – Embracing integration and accompaniment: sport for the strongest of young people

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