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UKRAINE: 3 projects support people in need

Mission Don Bosco, Don Bosco Nel Mondo Foundation, Opera Don Bosco ONLUS Foundation, Opera Don Bosco Nel Mondo Foundation and VIS volunteers

Salesian organizations collaborate for greater impact

(MissionNewswire) Since the start of the war in Ukraine,* Salesian missionaries around the globe have been working together to provide support and hope for those displaced in the country and those who have fled as refugees into neighboring countries. Salesian organizations in Italy came together to launch projects. The organizations include Mission Don Bosco, Don Bosco Nel Mondo Foundation, Opera Don Bosco ONLUS Foundation, Opera Don Bosco Nel Mondo Foundation and VIS volunteers.

These organizations coordinated to make the emergency response more impactful in the face of increasing needs arising from the war. Recently, Salesians from Italy were able to visit Ukraine to see firsthand how the projects were unfolding on the ground.

Father Luca Barone, from the executive committee of VIS, just returned from a trip to Ukraine. He said, “In these missions in Ukraine, the first aim is not only the transfer of skills but to show closeness to people who are benefiting from the projects, as well as the local Salesians and the staff carrying out these projects. VIS currently has 17 volunteers there.”

The Salesian delegation entered Ukraine from Poland on April 2 with a first stop in Lviv, where three of the projects are being carried out. The first project is focused on those who have been internally displaced. The Salesian organizations, with the support of the Department of Civil Protection of the Italian Region of Emilia-Romagna and the Government of Poland, have prepared housing containers capable of accommodating families who have arrived in Lviv with the bare minimum.

“Right now, there are 960 people still living in these containers, including 314 children between the ages of 5-17 — and another 12 families living outside these containers,” said Fr. Barone. “For this project, VIS takes care of nutrition, providing daily meals to all these people.”

A second project is supporting people who were left with physical injuries from the war. Salesians provide support for the Unbroken National Rehabilitation Center where war-affected adults and children receive comprehensive and qualified medical care, including reconstructive surgery, orthopedics, and robotic prostheses.

A Salesian missionary explained, “There are many young soldiers wounded on the front, people who were victims of the thousands and thousands of mines left by Russian troops in the territories they invaded, especially in the east, or those who were hit by shrapnel during the bombing. For this population, Salesians have also launched sports activities and soccer education for those with disabilities to ensure social inclusion.”

The third project is focused on orphans in Lviv. This project is supported by the Salesians in the city who can offer shelter and support for youth who have lost their family as a result of the war.

Salesians from Italy also traveled to Dnipro, where Salesians load buses with food and necessities for people who did not want to or can’t leave their homes, mostly the elderly who are not able to receive support from government authorities.



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