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SIERRA LEONE: Don Bosco Fambul celebrates 25 years

25th Anniversary of Don Bosco Fambul

Salesians and social workers work to transform the lives of youth


(MissionNewswire) Located in Sierra Leone’s capital city of Freetown, Don Bosco Fambul is one of the country’s leading child-welfare organizations. It has been on the forefront of efforts to help save young women who have faced abuse and prostitution and to rehabilitate street children and reunite them with their families. In December 2023, the Salesian organization celebrated its 25-year anniversary.

Over the last four years, Don Bosco Fambul has provided assistance for nearly 11,000 children and youth suffering violations of their fundamental rights. Through education, Salesians and a large multidisciplinary team of social workers transform the lives of youth to allow them to take control of their own lives. Don Bosco Fambul also offers a 525 Childline toll-free number, available throughout the country, 24 hours a day/7 days a week for youth who suffer any type of violence.

In the last 25 years, Don Bosco Fambul has also earned recognition for having been at people’s side during the civil war and the Ebola epidemic. In addition, Salesians are on the front lines of helping residents during the floods and landslides that the capital suffers every year.

Don Bosco Fambul has two buildings where youth receive assistance. The original building houses the 525 Childline staff as well as the staff for the bus that goes out at night to meet with youth on the streets. There are also staff that go to the Pademba Prison each day to provide food, psychosocial support and recreational activities to the most vulnerable inmates, especially the youngest and the sick.

The original building also supports the Girls Shelter and the Girls OS+ (Hope Plus) program that aids victims of the sex trade through training in hotel, catering, tailoring or hairdressing disciplines, or formal education. The Eco project focused on reducing plastic waste and increasing tree planting is in this original building.

The second location was built outside the city. The Fambul Therapeutic Center complex near the sea is surrounded by greenery and large recreational areas. The complex includes four large residential buildings for youth accepted into the various programs. They receive education and legal and psychological support as well as family reunification, when applicable. The complex also has sports fields, a health clinic, a nursery and accommodations for volunteers.

During a celebration of the anniversary, Salesian organizations that support Don Bosco Fambul came from around the globe for an event. The event was also attended by members of various ministries of the government of Sierra Leone, international organizations and official representatives of the embassies of Spain and Germany.

Raquel Fuente, head of the Department of International Cooperation for the Development of Salesian Missions, together with Dr. María Eugenia Hernández, head of Anglophone Africa, delivered a commemorative plaque to Father Piotr Wojnarowki, director of Don Bosco Fambul, in recognition of this collaboration.

“The work of Don Bosco Fambul is the best example of child protection. Don Bosco worked all his life in Italy for the most vulnerable minors and young people, and Don Bosco Fambul does just that, thus expressing the best demonstration of Salesianity,” said Hernández.



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