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RWANDA: Salesians respond after flooding

Many individuals experiencing crisis, religious communities affected 


(MissionNewswire) Salesian missionaries with the Africa Great Lakes Province (Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda) have been supporting people impacted by the flooding caused by the Sebeya River in Rwanda in May. Salesians were able to provide this support thanks to donations from Don Bosco Mondo in Germany and Mission Don Bosco in Turin, Italy. The flooding had a devastating impact on various infrastructure, including schools, churches, and people’s homes, resulting in a crisis for many individuals.

The seminary in Nyundo lost a fence and the dormitories, clothes, hygiene materials, kitchen items, student dining areas, and desks in the chapel and classrooms were inundated with water. Additionally, at the Diocese of Nyundo, offices and documents were severely damaged.

Many families around the Sebeya River were impacted and Salesians provided material support to the Salesian seminary, the Caritas Diocese of Nyundo, Sisters of the Blessed Jambo, and the Christian Muhato Parish. The support consisted of food, hygiene and sanitation items, and equipment including sports equipment and bibles.

Sister Kayitesi Agnes, from Sisters of the Blessed Jambo, said, “We are grateful for this generous act in response to the impacts caused by the flood from the Sebeya River on our community. We are pleased that you comforted us by inquiring about our needs for assistance. You provided us with essential support that will greatly benefit our lives, and you have remained by our side since we encountered the disaster. Thank you very much.”

Father Pierre Celestin Ngoboka, Salesian provincial superior, indicated that the initial support may not be enough and that Salesian efforts of support would continue. He also indicated any additional assistance that becomes available will be provided to ensure the continuation of rebuilding the affected infrastructure and lives.



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