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RWANDA: Campaign highlights benefits of technical education

Salesian Job Service Office in Rwanda

Success stories of Salesian school graduates featured


(MissionNewswire) The Salesian Job Service Office in Rwanda embarked on a month-long media campaign to raise awareness about the importance of technical and vocational education while also enhancing the visibility of Salesian technical and vocational schools across the country. Don Bosco Tech Africa provided the funding for this campaign.

The campaign utilized popular local news websites, social media, community radio and the National Broadcasting Agency. The segments highlighted success stories of graduates who had pursued technical and vocational education at Salesian schools. These graduates went on to create their own successful businesses or secured employment in reputable companies. They inspired and motivated current students, as well as highlighted the practical and tangible outcomes of this kind of education.

The media campaign’s reach was extensive, targeting the entire population of Rwanda, which has more than 13 million people, a majority of whom are young individuals. The impact was evident from the positive feedback received.

Twizeyimana Emmanuel, the national job service officer at the Salesian Planning and Development Office, said, “As a result of this successful media campaign, Salesian schools will undoubtedly experience an increase in enrollment as more young individuals recognize the value and potential of technical and vocational education. By highlighting the positive outcomes, the media campaign effectively shifted perceptions and created a wave of enthusiasm among young people.”

After the media campaign, an exhibition is bringing together all three Salesian technical and vocational schools in Rwanda. Additionally, there will be a roundtable conference to share best practices, workshops and other related activities.

Salesian missionaries provide a range of educational and social development services in Rwanda. Poor youth are able to access programs including health services, nutrition, education and general support services that help them to lead healthy and productive lives.

After bravely overcoming the trauma of the 1994 genocide, Rwandans looking to transform their country have made remarkable progress. Still, much remains to be done. Close to 39% of Rwandans live in poverty, according to the World Bank. Rwanda is a rural, agrarian country with about 35% of the population engaged in subsistence agriculture with some mineral and agro-processing. Many of the country’s orphaned children are the tragic result of a violent civil war. Half of all children drop out of primary school and 2.2 million people — 22% of the population — face critical food shortages.



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