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POLAND: Grant ensures new skills centers

Salesian Society to construct new educational building for expanding courses

(MissionNewswire) The Salesian Society, located in Warsaw, Poland, has been awarded a grant from the Ministry of Education and Science to implement an Industry Skills Center in carpentry and upholstery for the furniture industry. The Salesian Vocational Special School in Różanystok will facilitate these courses. The grant further funds a center in the field of operation and maintenance of rail transportation at the Salesian Crafts Schools in the city of Łódź.

Salesians have the funding to construct a new educational building in Różanystok dedicated to these new courses. The building will be equipped with innovative machinery for vocational training. Additional equipment will be in the Mobile Education Center, which will make it possible to reach those students who cannot come to the center to learn.

The new center will be the only one in Poland that offers courses in this particular field in the furniture industry. All-Poland Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers will be involved in the implementation of the project. The project demonstrates that cooperation between different stakeholders including schools, entrepreneurs, industry organizations, research institutes and universities is important in vocational education and for student success.

“We care for their intellectual and spiritual development of youth, but we also teach them a specific profession to introduce them as mature persons into a specific professional life,” said Father Tadeusz Jarecki, superior of the Salesian Society. “We want to develop students to have a sensitivity to ecological, sociological and ethical problems. In addition to skills training, the activities of the Industry Skill Centers will also include professional conferences and study trips to help students fully understand their newly chosen professions.”

Implementation of both projects will begin as early as 2023. The first courses and training at the Industry Skills Center will start as early as the end of 2024.



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