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PAKISTAN: 4 new youth projects funded

The Salesian-run Edoardo Agnelli Institute in Turin, Italy

Salesians in Italy send support for activities at Don Bosco House in Lahore

(MissionNewswire) The Salesian-run Edoardo Agnelli Institute in Turin, Italy, provided support for four projects at the Don Bosco House in Lahore, Pakistan. Salesian Brother Piero Ramello, the former economer at the institute, currently works at the Don Bosco House as a missionary and has been providing a multifaceted and comprehensive program for youth.

A Salesian in Turin explained, “The Don Bosco House currently provides informal training opportunities for 150 youth, who are 12 to 20 years old. The newly funded projects will help to provide more diverse and robust activities for the youth. The commitment of everyone made it possible to raise 6,000 euro from a single school, helping to develop these projects.”

The first project is focused on musical activities. Courses are provided in the evening and encourage youth to choose what instrument to learn and play with other performers. This provides a time for collaboration and socialization.

Another project is sports activities, which are provided in the afternoon. These activities encourage youth to play, compete and collaborate with their peers while respecting the rules and improving endurance, speed, flexibility, willpower and coordination skills.

The third project is focused on recreational and formative activities. Youth will learn through viewing films, as they are encouraged to debate, ask questions and learn the religious and cultural meaning in them.

The final project, thanks to a collaboration with a professional, will emphasize mental health. It will help youth understand their personal fears and address feelings of guilt and negative emotions. The goal is to help them psychologically acquire self-acceptance and self-compassion while transforming self-harm behaviors into positive actions in their lives.

Salesian schools provide economic benefits, scholarships and accommodations for students from the poorest families so that education is not only accessible but also an incentive for parents to send their children to school. Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in South Asia at less than 50%. Although the country’s constitution acknowledges free and compulsory education between the ages of 5 to 16, the rule is often not followed in rural areas for those over age 13.



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