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KENYA: Students plant 400 trees

Don Bosco Technical Secondary School includes environmental sustainability program


(MissionNewswire) Students from Don Bosco Technical Secondary School (Don Bosco Embu) in Kenya participated in planting 400 trees. The activity is part of the school’s environmental sustainability “Green TVET Program” and is supported by Don Bosco Tech Africa. A new forest will be created from this planting event and is named after the late Father Richard Mtui, who served the school as bursar.

The event was also marked by a visit from Father T.J. George, provincial of East Africa, and Father Erastus Chege, provincial economer. They visited the Salesian community in Embu, which consists of the school, a national aspirantate and a modern farm. Fr. George and Fr. Chege interacted with the staff and students and were touched by their friendliness.

“Don Bosco Technical Secondary School teaches young students trades that are needed in Kenyan industries,” explained Father Timothy Ploch, interim director of Salesian Missions, the U.S. development arm of the Salesians of Don Bosco. “Most of the students at the school come from poor backgrounds, and there is little chance for them to gain an education. They are learning the skills for employment while also engaging in projects like tree planting to provide care and focus for a better environment.”

According to the World Bank, more than 7.8 million people in Kenya are living in extreme poverty, with the majority in rural areas. There are approximately 6.6 million people living on less than $1.90 a day in rural regions, while 1.1 million extremely poor people live in urban areas. Overall, the poverty incidence declined in recent years, but at a lower rate in urban areas than rural ones.

Youth living in Kenya’s larger cities like Nairobi are at risk for exploitation, forced labor and other abuses. Few attend the later stages of school as compared to those living in Kenya’s more rural areas. The few schools serving this disadvantaged community are beyond the financial means of most families.



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