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KENYA: Mobile journalism empowers youth

Salesians in Kenya held a mobile journalism training

Salesians train staff to help youth tell their stories


(MissionNewswire) Salesians in Kenya held a mobile journalism training for Salesian staff to help them empower youth tell their stories. The training gave participants, who were from Kenya, South Sudan and Tanzania, the skills to produce high-quality content using mobile devices.

The training is particularly relevant as mobile communication is growing in Africa. In 2022, there were 415 million smartphone subscriptions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Based on the steady growth seen in earlier years, this number is expected to reach 689 million by 2028.

During the three-day seminar, the participants learned how to effectively use a smartphone for journalism purposes. Using the phone’s camera, they learned how to utilize different angles and movements for shooting, lighting, microphones, interview skills, and more.

A Salesian noted, “The participants were trained to shoot and edit photos and videos and use social media for publishing and distribution. The workshop also stressed real-time reporting, teamwork and ethical considerations involved in this type of journalism. The training also covered various aspects of mobile journalism, including reporting, visual storytelling, and utilizing mobile platforms to disseminate news and other content. The training gave the participants a lot of hands-on experience.”

At the end of the training, the participants felt they had gained sufficient knowledge to embark on a mission to tell African stories to the world. The Salesian explained, “This training reflects the growing trend in Africa, where mobile journalism and content creation are gaining popularity. Smartphones are expected to continue evolving, with journalists and content creators adapting to new technologies and storytelling to meet the demands of modern news consumption.”

Salesians are grateful for the support of Father Gildasio Mendes, the general counsellor for social communication, who enabled Father Maciej Makula and Aleksandra Stankiewicz from the Social Communication Department to facilitate the training.

One participant said, “We acknowledge with gratitude Fr. Makula’s and Stankiewicz’s hard work in training the communication delegates. We also thank the provincial, who sponsored and encouraged this training.”

Salesians in Kenya provide a range of social development and educational programs including primary and secondary schools as well as vocational and technical education to help poor youth gain self-sufficiency and hope for the future.



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