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ITALY: Foundation celebrates 10-year anniversary

Opera Don Bosco Onlus Foundation in Milan

Opera Don Bosco Onlus Foundation highlights global projects 


(MissionNewswire) Opera Don Bosco Onlus Foundation in Milan, Italy, is celebrating 10 years in operation bringing education and basic necessities to the most vulnerable. On its anniversary, the foundation has highlighted projects that have been made possible by its donors. A Salesian noted, “One of the driving forces of the foundation is that we are not content to deal with a problem piecemeal. We focus our attention on how to repair the problem itself.”

Since the start of the war in Ukraine*, the foundation has focused efforts on the plight of the people there. The foundation has provided support in Lviv, where Mariapolis was built to host nearly 1,000 displaced people from the eastern areas of the country. Thanks to the generosity of donors, the necessary funds were collected and sent throughout the year to support the services of the Mariapolis camp.

Facing the earthquake emergency in Syria, the Salesians of Aleppo and Damascus immediately provided assistance and aid to the population affected. After the initial relief operation, donors supported reconstruction and psycho-social support. This project was carried out in collaboration with the Opera Don Bosco Lugano.

Another donor project provided a new oven for the Salesian Bakery in Bethlehem. This historic institution has been in operation for 130 years and plays a crucial role in the life of the local community, providing free bread to those most in need. In addition, students come to learn the bakery trade. The old oven, which was more than 20 years old, required constant maintenance, was inefficient and did not meet occupational safety standards.

Michele Rigamonti, president of the foundation, said, “Thanks to the generosity of those who support our mission, we have been able to address emergencies and promote social development in many communities in need. In the last period, the foundation has responded to humanitarian emergencies in several regions, including Syria*, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar*, Democratic Republic of the Congo* and Venezuela*. We have contributed to growth and education through education and vocational training projects in Brazil, Burundi*, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Myanmar, Peru and Rwanda. In addition, we have promoted agricultural and food projects to contribute to the livelihood of many children and their families, in Brazil, Ethiopia*, Ghana, Senegal andEast Timor.”

Rigamonti added, “Our mission doesn’t stop there. We continue to move the heart of many people, encouraging them to make themselves present in a concrete way to those who need it most, especially children and young people, offering them opportunities for the future.”

Numerous projects are already underway for the coming year. These include the “Let’s all go to school” project in Gambella in Ethiopia and the “Health and well-being for the most needy families in Tegucigalpa” initiative in Honduras, as well as the opportunity to remotely support an entire community of youth for a year in different areas of the world.



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