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INDIA: Youth learn to protect environment

Don Bosco Green Alliance, Greenline Mumbai and Don Bosco Youth Services hosted the youth conference

Don Bosco Green Alliance hosts environmental conference


(MissionNewswire) Don Bosco Green Alliance, Greenline Mumbai and Don Bosco Youth Services hosted the youth conference “Youth Eco-Activists for Justice and Peace” on the Don Bosco Campus Matunga in Mumbai, India. The event brought together 45 youth from all over the city with the common goal of learning how to protect the environment.

At the conference, Father Savio Silveira, provincial of the Salesian Province of Bombay, discussed the concept of integral ecology, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all ecosystems. He also touched upon Pope Francis’ “Laudato Si” that underlined the idea that issues of justice and peace have a direct impact on the natural environment.

The event featured influential young environmental leaders. Participants were able to engage in conversations, ask questions and share their thoughts on environmental concerns. The conference also featured a panel of speakers who shared expertise on environmental protection and social issues.

Yash Agrawal, an assistant professor of philosophy, focused his talk on the significant impact of road construction in mountainous and rural areas. Heeta Lakhani discussed the dire effects of climate change for wildlife, marine life and local species. She highlighted the urgent need for action to mitigate these effects and protect fragile ecosystems. Akshay Madavkar, a journalist who effectively utilizes social media as a platform for communication, emphasized the importance of disseminating the truth to the public and rallying support for environmental conservation.

The panel also included Manisha Dhinde, who shed light on the struggles faced by tribal communities across India when they act against the government to protect their habitats and way of life. Her presentation underscored the widespread challenges that these communities encounter in their quest for justice and preservation. The youngest member of the panel, 15-year-old Zidaan Castalino, delivered an inspiring message about taking proactive steps toward change.

The conference also included a scavenger hunt that encouraged participants to venture out into the campus and explore the diverse beauty of the landscape. This hands-on interactive activity allowed attendees to connect with the environment and gain a deeper understanding of their surroundings.

A Salesian said, “The conference provided a platform for attendees to expand their understanding of environmental issues. The panel provided valuable insights into environmental protection, climate change, social justice and personal responsibility. Each speaker brought a unique perspective and passion to the conference, leaving the audience inspired and motivated to make a positive difference in the world.”

Don Bosco Green Alliance was launched in April 2018 in India. In just the span of five years, Don Bosco Green Alliance has gained 611 registered members from 86 countries. Membership is open to all Salesian institutions and organizations worldwide.



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