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INDIA: Students explore artistic expression

40 students take part in four-day art workshop


(MissionNewswire) Don Bosco High School and Junior College, located in Maharashtra, Mumbai, India, hosted a four-day pot painting art workshop for 40 students in the 5th to 9th grades. David Jain, a renowned artist, art consultant for UNICEF, child educator and a crusader for the rights of deprived children, served as the instructor for the workshop.

Father Joaquim Fernandes, vice principal, has been encouraging students to develop their artistic expression. The sessions provided students a creative outlet, allowing them to express themselves and hone important skills. Students learned the color wheel and were given an opportunity to explore different color schemes. They also learned how to paint in three dimensions and were able to later showcase their work through crafted pots. During the sessions, students learned interpersonal skills, motor skills, maintaining and caring for one’s own art supplies. They were forced to think out of the box to came up with novel designs.

Jain explained, “When students are engaged, motivated and experience minimal stress, they achieve higher knowledge and are able to make connections. This learning comes only from classrooms that are filled with joy and abundant exposure.”

In his address, Father Anthony Fonseca, principal, encouraged students to take active part in workshops. He said, “Such workshops encourage creativity, exploration and allows us to express ourselves. The final product is the reflection of our own creativity hence, we should never miss such opportunities.”

The success of the art workshop was demonstrated by the students’ experiences, willingness to experiment and the learning outcomes associated with it. Their art work showed that they were able to communicate their emotions skillfully and artistically.

Saachi Patil, a 7th grade student, said, “I enjoyed the pot painting workshop as it gave me an opportunity to think freely and paint the design that I liked most.”



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