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INDIA: Photo workshop sparks skills, creativity

Don Bosco Academy Nerul, in Mumbai,

Don Bosco Academy Nerul offers photography workshop for 42 students


(MissionNewswire) Don Bosco Academy Nerul, located in Mumbai, India, in collaboration with the company Canon, hosted a two-day free photography workshop. The basic course in photography welcomed 42 participants. The training aimed to nurture a love for photography and equip amateur photographers with the essential skills to embark on their creative journeys.

Guided by an expert team from Canon, the workshop began with an introductory session. The team delved into the art and science behind capturing moments, emphasizing the unification of creativity and technical proficiency. Participants were introduced to the latest advancements in photography technology, setting the stage for an exploration of visual storytelling.

The second day of the workshop offered a hands-on practical session that allowed participants to translate theory into practice. Armed with Canon cameras and accessories, students engaged in guided exercises, group activities, and discussions under the guidance of the Canon instructors. The practical session honed technical skills and fostered a collaborative and dynamic learning environment.

The workshop drew a diverse group of participants from Mumbai. College students eager to expand their creative horizons mingled with photography enthusiasts seeking to refine their craft. The diversity of backgrounds contributed to the creativity.

Feedback from participants showed the success of the workshop. Dr. Rajesh Nair, one of the attendees, said, “Don Bosco Academy once again proved its worth in imparting high-quality skills by collaborating with Canon. I grow by being a part of the Academy.”

A Salesian noted, “Don Bosco Academy has announced plans to continue offering training in photography skills. Starting in January 2024, it will offer regular photography classes, providing a structured and comprehensive learning experience. This initiative is a commitment to nurturing talent and providing a platform for individuals passionate about photography and media. The Academy is poised to become a hub for aspiring photographers, fostering a community where passion meets proficiency.”



Photo courtesy of Don Bosco South Asia

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