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INDIA: 35 new counselors graduate

35 students at Don Bosco College Angadikadavu concluded a six-month certificate course in counseling psychology

Don Bosco College Angadikadavu provides course in counseling psychology


(MissionNewswire) Students at Don Bosco College Angadikadavu, located in the town of Angadikadavu in the Kannur district of Kerala, India, concluded a six-month certificate course in counseling psychology. The course, organized by the college’s department of psychology, distributed certificates to 35 participants from diverse backgrounds.

Father Jose Koyickal, provincial of the Salesian Province of Bangalore, presented the certificates to the graduates. The event was a moment of pride for the graduates and the entire institution, symbolizing their commitment to mental health and well-being.

Father Kuriakose Pallikunnel, along with his dedicated team from the department of psychology, provided his insights during the course on subjects including basic and advanced skills in counseling, conflict resolution, peaceful communication, and psychological first aid. The program included supervised practices and written assignments, ensuring a holistic learning experience for all attendees. Graduates left the course having gained fundamental and advanced skills in counseling psychology.

In his address during the graduation ceremony, Fr. Koyickal underscored the critical importance of mental health in today’s society, emphasizing the role of trained professionals in providing support and guidance to those in need. Father Bastin, head of the department of journalism and manager of the college, echoed these sentiments. He urged the graduates to extend a compassionate ear to those around them and decipher the unspoken struggles of others.

The graduates expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage in such a meaningful program. Mercy Maria, one of the participants, shared her experience and highlighted self-transformation as the most significant achievement of the course.

A Salesian noted, “The successful completion of the certificate course in counseling psychology not only signifies the personal growth of the graduates but also reflects the commitment of Don Bosco College in fostering mental health awareness and providing valuable resources for the community. As these newly certified counselors embark on their respective paths, they carry with them the knowledge and compassion needed to make a positive impact on the lives of others.”



Photo courtesy of Don Bosco South Asia

Don Bosco South Asia – Certificate Course in Counselling Psychology concludes at Don Bosco College Anagdikadavu

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