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DR CONGO: Refugees receive support

Veteran Club Don Bosco provides aid for refugees in Bulengo camp


(MissionNewswire) The Veteran Club Don Bosco in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo*, celebrated its ninth anniversary with efforts to give back and support the local community. The group consists of men and women of all ages, including the elderly, adults, young adults and children. It started at the Salesian oratory at the Industrial Technical Institute of Goma and was managed for many years by Salesian Brother Honorato Alonso.

The day of giving back began with a Catholic Mass followed by a photo session. Then, the group moved to Bulengo, one of the largest refugee camps just outside of Goma. The camp is the result of a long and complex war that has been raging in the country. People survive thanks to local help and support by international organizations. Health and safety conditions are lacking and youth do not have opportunities to go to school and learn.

Veteran Club Don Bosco provided aid for these marginalized people. Each member of the group contributed money, food, clothes and anything that would be useful to those living in the camp. On Nov. 12, the group gave the refugees what they had collected, and the beneficiaries thanked them for their support.

A Salesian noted, “It was a successful day of giving back to the local community. At the end of the visit, the whole group returned to the Industrial Technical Institute in Goma, to share a moment of reflection and fraternity. After, there were recreational activities and lunch. At the end of the day, members of Veteran Club Don Bosco expressed the hope that what they did would inspire others to do the same.”

Salesian missionaries have been working in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for more than 100 years ensuring that the most vulnerable children are not forgotten. Salesian primary and secondary schools and programs lay the foundation for early learning while Salesian trade, vocational and agricultural programs offer many youth the opportunity for a stable and productive future.



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