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BRAZIL: Funds aid families, environment

Salesian Network of Brazil launched a fundraising campaign for environment

Salesian Network of Brazil takes part in fundraising campaigns


(MissionNewswire) The Salesian Network of Brazil launched a fundraising campaign known as “Union for Life – UPV” in collaboration with a broader “Gift Day 2023” held on Nov. 28. The campaign focused on the environment. It was inspired by Don Bosco Green Alliance and the teachings of Pope Francis’ 2020 Laudato Si’, which underlined the importance of education and training that will help youth foster environmental responsibility.

Sister Silvia Aparecida da Silva, executive director of the Salesian Network of Brazil, said, “This year the UPV Gift Day has helped to promote and strengthen our responsibility to look after our common home. We usually talk about financial sustainability, but today we need to be clear that the concept of sustainability is much broader. During the campaign, I was able to see many initiatives that brought the centers and their benefactors closer to concrete actions in response to Pope Francis’ appeals, and this is a great gain for our social action in Brazil.”

As part of the campaign, the Salesian Network of Brazil provided several educational sessions and materials to support local fundraising activities, as well as a marketing campaign to publicize the good that is done in Salesian centers.

“This year has been very challenging, but very rich and full of novelties,” explained Phelipe Sales, who was involved in the fundraising. “We brought together important topics, such as donations and sustainability, and managed to achieve many objectives throughout our network, especially with regard to the culture of giving, volunteering and raising awareness of caring for our common home.”

As a result, the Salesian Network of Brazil surpassed its 2022 collection by raising 3,146,421.46 reais (equal to more than $633,000). The campaign also collected more than 274,000 pounds of food and utilized 6,286 volunteer hours. This campaign supported 133,641 families.

Through the Union for Life campaign, the Salesian Network of Brazil raises funds to support the more than 100 social centers throughout the country, which currently benefit more than 80,000 children, older youth, young adults and their families in situations of vulnerability.

Salesian missionaries in Brazil provide education, workforce development and social services throughout the country. Missionaries help to meet the basic needs of poor youth, including street children, and provide them with an education and life skills to gain employment, break the cycle of poverty, and lead productive lives.

According to the World Bank, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on Brazil with poverty tripling in 2021. Nearly 17 million people fell into poverty in the first quarter of the year and the poverty rate now is higher than it was a decade ago. Researchers estimate that 12.8% of Brazil’s population, some 27 million people, are now living below the poverty line.



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