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BRAZIL: 128 families aided after flooding

Don Bosco Youth Center provides food, shelter and supplies


(MissionNewswire) The Don Bosco Youth Center in Matriz de Camaragibe, Brazil, sheltered 128 families displaced by flooding, providing 388 people with food, clothing, personal hygiene items and emotional support. Residents are displaced by flooding each year and seek the support of the Salesians.

The Salesian parish helps by opening the chapel doors so that people can stay in a safe place. Islane Santos, pedagogical coordinator, said, “It is sad to see the families who have lost everything and the frightened children, but we must thank the Lord that they are all still alive and that the center can once again open its doors to all those in need.”

Santos added, “We have the help and immense support of CIS BRASIL and the Salesian Province of Brazil-Recife, which allowed us to feed the people in need. Volunteers promptly rushed to the center to help, with the support of the Municipality’s Social Welfare Department.”

Father Geraldo Albuquerque, social service director for center, along with volunteers and youth group coordinators, prepared recreational activities for the children to distract them from the situation. Throughout the rains and floods, Fr. Albuquerque helped get people to safety and transport those he could to the center. He also coordinated accommodation and food for those at the center.

According to the World Bank, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on Brazil with poverty tripling in 2021. Nearly 17 million people fell into poverty in the first quarter of the year and the poverty rate now is higher than it was a decade ago. Researchers estimate that 12.8% of Brazil’s population, some 27 million people, are now living below the poverty line.

Inequalities also exist in access to education and educational efficiency. These inequalities are greatest for children and youth who are poor, live in rural areas or who have an incomplete compulsory education. Salesians working with poor youth and their families in Brazil develop programs and provide youth with opportunities for furthering their education and skills.



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