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VENEZUELA: Salesian missionaries hold summer camps for children and visits to indigenous populations in rural communities

(MissionNewswire) Salesians centers in various locations across Venezuela held summer oratories where children felt welcomed, loved and respected. Children were able to participate in music, theater, drawing, sports and dance workshops. At the end of this festive and joyful week, the children were able to celebrate Catholic Mass with their peers.

One of the children noted, “It is important to share what we have with our mates. It is urgent to be in solidarity with one another and be joyful, take advantage of time with friends and companions, and be able to forgive.”

The Salesian center in the Guajira peninsula in northwestern Venezuela also launched the “Oratory on Vacation,” which had young volunteers visiting several homes to connect with indigenous families in rural areas who face extreme poverty and widespread violence. The goal was to bring hope to the Venezuelan people who are cut off from other populations and assistance.

Despite economic and political instability in Venezuela, Salesian missionaries continue to take care of poor youth and their families. Salesian missionaries are committed to helping those who remain in the country.

In Caracas, two Salesian organizations—Red de Casas Don Bosco and the Patio Abierto Don Bosco—aim to improve the lives of street children by connecting them with shelter, meeting their basic needs and providing education. For many, living on the street and trying to make a meager living has become a way of life. Some street children would like access to programming while others prefer to remain on the street. Salesian missionaries work to provide the services they can and meet youth where they are.

Red de Casas Don Bosco offers shelter to more than 1,300 street children across the country in 10 Salesian houses. These houses are part of a group of 86 nongovernmental shelters in addition to 27 operated by the state. In total, these shelters are able to house as many as 5,000 children and teens referred by the courts.

In the city of Barinas, located in west central Venezuela, Salesian missionaries operate an agriculture school that includes a large plot of land for cultivation and pastures for animal breeding. Nearly 200 students, aged 15 to 18, attend the school and board there.

Salesian missionaries will continue their work in the country providing education, workforce development and social development services to poor youth and their families despite volatile conditions.



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VENEZUELA: Salesian missionaries continue providing social programs for poor youth and their families despite economic and political instability

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