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MALAWI/MOZAMBIQUE: New equipment enhances student skills

Don Bosco institutions partner with Schneider Electric for vocational training

(MissionNewswire) Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute in Lilongwe, Malawi, and Don Bosco Centers in Maputo and Inharrime, Mozambique, have partnered with Schneider Electric, a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation. An announcement made in Engineering News explained that Schneider Electric, under the auspices of the Schneider Electric Foundation, will provide didactic benches for training purposes.

Don Bosco Malawi and Don Bosco Mozambique have already received shipments of the benches, and training is underway. Schneider Electric and education equipment manufacturing partner, Amtec Techniquip, will also provide training to the lecturers, according to the article.

The partnership aims to support education for students who are pursuing careers in the electrical industry by providing up-to-date vocational training that meets global standards. In the article, Avin Ramjeeth, projects and offer manager at Schneider Electric Academy, explained, “Training on didactic benches offers real-world and practical scenarios and problem solving that are invaluable when pursuing a career in the electrical industry. Our didactic benches meet the highest global standards and will ensure that these students are well on their way to successful careers in this all-important field.”

Father Martin Nguyen, principal for Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute in Malawi, expressed gratitude for the new equipment and the training. He said, “Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute management, staff and students are excited about the newly installed training equipment in the electrical installation and electronics workshop. The institute foresees high-quality training and an increased number of learners with hands-on experience in the field.”

Salesian missionaries are considered the largest private provider of vocational and technical training in the world. Programs focus on helping vulnerable youth by providing access to educational opportunities that match the local employment needs. Salesian vocational and technical schools help ensure youth have the skills needed for employment. Partnerships, like this with Schneider Electric, help youth to be trained in the most up-to-date resources in the field and ensure a smooth school to work transition.



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