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GLOBAL: Don Bosco Green Alliance promotes 2023 as ‘Year of Eco-Action’

Don Bosco Green Alliance has 593 registered members from 86 countries

(MissionNewswire) Don Bosco Green Alliance is an international collective of youth from Salesian institutions and organizations that contribute to global environmental action, thought and policy. It was launched in April 2018 in India. In just the span of five years, Don Bosco Green Alliance has gained 593 registered members from 86 countries. Membership is open to all Salesian institutions and organizations worldwide.

Don Bosco Green Alliance has set 2023 as the “Year of Eco-Action” and calls on institutions to step up their efforts toward green campus practices, curricula development, community engagement and student engagement. The alliance has set the four priority areas of green campuses, eco-spirituality, youth campaigns and eco-education.

The push for a green campus is a starting point to create an educational space that emphasizes the importance of environmental sustainability and highlights the interconnection between nature and humans. A green campus is also a place where environmentally responsible practices and education are in harmony, and sustainability is promoted.

In a statement highlighted on the alliance’s website, Rector Major Father Ángel Fernández Artime said. “Every Salesian province in the world will respond, through the provincial delegate for youth ministry, to the request to make our schools, education centers, university campuses, oratories and parishes into educational models of care for the environment and for nature.”

Don Bosco Green Alliance is also calling on Salesian parishes and youth centers to focus on eco-spirituality by bringing together environmental activism and religion. Youth have an opportunity to not only learn about sustainable practices but to carry this message into their homes and communities, engaging everyone who cares about the planet. Youth campaigns will work to deliver these important messages to youth and help them put education into action.

Finally, Don Bosco Green Alliance is calling for the integration of environmental education in the curriculum of schools and universities to promote green attitudes, knowledge and skills. The goal is to establish global, regional and local partnerships to promote ecological education within the Salesian network, encouraging environmental stewardship among children and youth as well as promoting green technical and vocational training courses in Salesian technical and vocational schools.

Members of the Don Bosco Green Alliance have undertaken such initiatives as environmental education to increase green areas and planting trees, the reduction of the use of non-degradable materials, promotion of organic agriculture and home gardens, preservation and conservation of water, and increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

These initiatives come as a response to Pope Francis’ 2020 Laudato Si’, which had as its theme “Good Christians and Upright Citizens.” Pope Francis underlined the importance of education and training that will help youth shape a lifestyle and foster environmental responsibility. Fr. Artime noted the importance of concrete initiatives in the care of the environment. The first objective is encouraging the environmental commitment of youth.



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