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(UNICEF) Progressive policies in inclusive education have made positive changes in the lives of children with disabilities in Central and Eastern Europe and Central

(United Nations)  The United Nations Commission on Social Development today kicked-off its 10-day session in New York with a call to give the poorest

(UNICEF) UNICEF appealed today for almost US$1.4 billion to meet the immediate, life-saving needs of children in 45 countries and regions gripped

(MissionNewswire) Human Rights Day is celebrated around the globe on Dec. 10. Each year provides an opportunity to focus on a particular human rights issue

(MissionNewswire) Each year, on Dec. 5th, International Volunteer Day is celebrated throughout the world. This day was founded to honor and recognize volunteers and volunteer

(MissionNewswire) Since 1988, Dec. 1 has marked World AIDS Day—held to honor AIDS victims and focus on prevention and treatment issues surrounding HIV

(MissionNewswire) Each year, Nov. 20 marks Universal Children’s Day, which is aimed at having countries focus on the welfare of the world's children. The

(UNESCO) The 10th Education for All Global Monitoring Report, Putting Education to Work, published by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), reveals

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