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BELGIUM: New Games App Helps Salesian Youth Leaders Facilitate Youth Group Activities

(MissionNewswire) Don Bosco Youth-Net has recently launched a new games app through both Apple iTunes and Google Play for Android. The game app is a fun and interactive tool that can be utilized by leaders and youth workers during youth exchanges, summer camps or training courses as well as an inspiration for playing group games in youth clubs, schools and oratories. The app consists of a unique collection of more than 240 games to inspire group activities.

The app has a search function a youth leader can use to search a name, age group, type of playing area, and type of game. There is also a special search function that searches for games appropriate for the playground. These activities are ideal for lunch-time breaks in schools. The games use a set of symbols as extra illustrations for the type of game such as grass if it is to be played on a field of grass or an umbrella if the game can be played inside.

A user can “like” by clicking a heart at the top of the screen to create a list of favorites. If the user shakes their Smartphone, the app will show a random game in the collection. As games are culturally determined, it is important to use the app as inspiration and adapt it to the local cultural setting in which it is to be used. Once the app has been installed, the user doesn’t need internet connection to have access to the games. Don Bosco Youth-Net also includes a calendar with all upcoming activities and will make annual updates of the games database.

“This new games app provides a great opportunity for Salesian youth leaders to easily engage young students in age appropriate group activities,” says Father Mark Hyde, executive director of Salesian Missions, the U.S. development arm of the Salesians of Don Bosco. “Salesian programs provide education and social development activities, like sports, arts and recreation, for young students to help teach them social skills, team work, and problem solving skills.”

The app was originally developed in Dutch by a Belgian member of Don Bosco Youth-Net. With the help of German, English and Irish members of the organization, the English version was recently launched. The games app was co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme Guide and the European Youth Foundation through their structural grants, which Don Bosco Youth-Net received.

Don Bosco Youth-Net is an international network of Salesian youth offices and organizations. It is comprised of 15 organizations, 1.077 employees, and 9.011 volunteers who provide services for 124,445 youth across 15 European countries. The task of the network is to create and promote international activities for and by young. In addition, the network creates opportunities for its member organizations to share their good practices and start-up new projects together. The network represents the voice of young people in Europe and internationally through targeted advocacy work.



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