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SLOVAKIA: Young Ukrainian shares her story

Young Ukrainian refugee working as a volunteer and interpreter in Bratislava

(MissionNewswire) Kira, a young Ukrainian refugee in Slovakia, works with the Salesians in Bratislava as a volunteer and interpreter for the refugee population. Like many of her fellow Ukrainians, Kira fled with her family at the outbreak of war. She doesn’t like to dwell on the bad and instead wants to focus on the good that has come since.

Kira explained, “I’m focused on all those people who, first in Poland and then in Slovakia, really touched my heart and soul. They brought things to eat, to drink, and everything was free. I was truly impressed.”

Once settled in Bratislava, Kira attended school for several months and felt welcomed and understood. She said that it didn’t matter what language people spoke, they spoke from their heart and people understood, which is why she wants to give back and help others like her.

Kira wants to stay in Slovakia because she loves the people. “I do my work with my heart, to help people, children, even Ukrainians in need, and I am happy to see that they are happy when I help them, they hug me and now I know that true kindness exists. I want to do something nice for people, children and youth, just as the people of Poland and Slovakia did for me.”

Salesian volunteers in Bratislava also help in other ways in Salesian centers and oratories. Recently, 65 Ukrainian youth were taken for two weeks to a seaside summer camp. They returned with good memories and experiences. Another summer camp had close to 500 Ukrainian children and older youth.

Salesians are also still sending supplies and other support to people in Ukraine. There was a recent food shipment to a shelter where there are 35 infants and 30 children under age 5. Another shipment from Slovakia included 30 pallets of humanitarian aid for those in Ukraine.



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