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MONGOLIA: Former Salesian student honored for artwork

Former Don Bosco Technical Institute student holds Mongolian traditional script exhibition


(MissionNewswire) A former student from Don Bosco Technical Institute in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, recently graduated from university with a degree in Mongolian linguistics and Mongolian traditional script. She hosted an exhibition in December 2021 to showcase her work.

Ms. Mungunbolor graduated from Don Bosco Technical Institute and has been working in the school administration since 2011. Salesians sponsored her university studies. Mongolian script is no longer used in daily life in the country and was challenging to learn and practice. Her exhibition was work on the words of St. Paul and the words of Don Bosco in art.

Mungunbolor said, “I wanted to convey some messages to those who visited my exhibition, especially the students in the school. I am not a Catholic, but I felt these words are very powerful messages that people nowadays need to know. Working as the purchasing officer in the school, I have never stopped practicing to improve my skills and technique in writing Mongolian script. It is our Mongolian treasure that needs to be preserved.”

In August 2021, the Ministry of Culture, the government implementing agency for culture and arts, the city education department, and the Mongolian Children’s Art Center organized a group of Mongolian language teachers in public secondary schools to join together to rewrite “The Secret History of Mongolia” in traditional calligraphy. There were close to 80 teachers selected including Mungunbolor. She said, “I was the only teacher who comes from a technical school after I passed the skill test. I feel happy with my presence among them because I can learn from them, besides, they know more about Don Bosco school in Mongolia through me.”

“The Secret History of Mongolia” was written in three forms including a 60 meters (65.6 yards) long scroll, a wall-size panel and a 50-page book. Mungunbolor added, “I have contributed personally to this exhibition with a chapter of the history of Mongolia describing Chinggis Khan and with the words of Don Bosco, ‘For you I study, for you I work, for you I live and for you, I am ready even to give my life.’”

Mungunbolor credits her time at the Don Bosco Technical School with what she has been able to accomplish. She had words of encouragement for other past pupils. “Just as everyone strives for success, I struggle within myself every day to achieve my dreams. There are so many things to think about in the future. I hope I can reach that one day. Therefore, don’t waste time, do whatever you can, share what you have, dream and feel your dream right now.”

Since 2001, youth who have not been able to complete a traditional high school education have found educational opportunities at Don Bosco Technical Institute. The training facility started with 30 students and today has more than 300 students who are gaining skills in car mechanics, tailoring, secretarial services, welding and construction.

Close to 27.8 percent of the population in Mongolia is living at or below the poverty line with a significant jump to 35 percent for those living in rural areas. Herders in the countryside struggle to survive as their traditional livelihood dissolves, and there are few job opportunities for young generations.



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