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ITALY: Salesians focus on sustainable agriculture

Event helps develop network of young farmers to contribute to the sustainable future of agriculture


(MissionNewswire) The Salesian Agricultural School of Lombriasco, located in Turin, Italy, will host the “Hortus: Agriculture for Life” expo Sept. 29 to Oct. 2. This is the second edition of an expo that brings together students from Salesian agricultural schools in the region to discuss topics of interest. It also develops an international network of young farmers who will contribute to the sustainable future of agriculture.

The expo will focus on innovation and sustainability in the sectors of floriculture, horticulture, arboriculture, ornamental plants, and mechanization following the themes from Pope Francis in his Laudato Si’ to raise awareness and increase action on the values ​​of integral ecology. One Salesian said, “The 2022 event will allow us to discuss and share highly relevant and topical issues such as innovation and sustainability concerning climate change and social agriculture.”

Dr. Daniel Ormeno, director of Net4Grow and collaborator of the Salesian Agrarian School of Lombriasco, will organize the event. There will be opportunities for cultural exchange, local development, and professional training in the agrarian, agro-industrial, and agribusiness fields.

Alumni of the Salesian Agricultural School of Lombriasco will add value as exhibitors, professionals and practitioners. All events and projects will be disseminated online by the Net4Grow network. The goals of Net4Grow are to preserve and develop agricultural vocational training and generate projects for shared local development. Net4Grow is also providing on-the-job training for students so they can take what they have learned in the classroom and put it into practice in the world.

Salesian programs across Italy help youth who are unable to attend school and others who drop out to work at the few jobs available to them. A growing number of children work as laborers on farms and others have turned to the sex trade to help support their families. Those in poverty often live without adequate shelter, hot water, regular meals and health care.

Poverty rose sharply in 2020 to its highest level in 15 years as the COVID-19 crisis brought economic challenges for much of the country. Close to 5.6 million people or 9.4 percent of the population are living in absolute poverty unable to buy goods or services to achieve a minimally acceptable standard of living, according to the World Bank. This number includes 1.3 million minors.



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