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ITALY: Salesian students win at film festival

Salesian students win first and third place in Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival


(MissionNewswire) Salesian students won first and third place in the Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival. The awards ceremony was held in Turin, Italy on Nov. 19. A total of 1,686 films were submitted from 116 countries and in many different languages. Two youth won awards with one in the short films category and one in the animated short films category. Each winner received a cash prize and worldwide recognition.

Daniel Flamenco, a 2017 graduate of Santa Cecilia School in Santa Tecla, El Salvador, won first place in the short films category for his one-minute film titled “Corazón Azul.” He is currently an animation specialist.

Flamenco said, “I have had expertise in creating ceramic art works, and working in this mode, it occurred to me to model a heart and show people how a piece is made. Many think it’s simple but it takes a lot of work. I wanted to make an analogy with my region as well. I wanted to show the process that a region or a town has, very similar to an artisan who works with clay, begins by extracting the earth, processes it, handles it delicately. Clay is baked at more than a thousand degrees in an oven, if you see my short film, you can understand better.”

When he heard about the festival from some friends, Flamenco decided to enter. He asked for help from artists Blanca Quiñones, who provided for poetry in the film, and José Luís Aguilar, who composed the music. Flamenco added, “I’m very happy. I didn’t expect it! I like to participate in festivals. I always participate without expecting something, but it took me by surprise.”

María Nazareth Castillo, an eleventh-grade student of CEDES Don Bosco in San José, Costa Rica, won third place for her one-minute animated short film “El Sol.” She was inspired by the Rector Major’s strenna.

Castillo said, “I didn’t know how to start! But talking to my team, we thought of creating something original. My Spanish teacher, Laura Zúñiga, wrote a poem exclusively for this video. I feel super happy, grateful to God, He has never forsaken me, all this is for His glory! Representing Costa Rica through my film in this way and representing CEDES makes me very happy. I thank God and Don Bosco that without him none of this would be possible.”



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ANS – El Salvador – Two Young People from Central America win awards at the “Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival” (DBGYFF)

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