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ITALY: Salesian oratory in Bova Marina plants saplings as part of summer activities


(MissionNewswire) The Salesian oratory in Bova Marina, Italy, has joined the “Plant Your Tree” initiative, which was launched in the fall of 2019 by the Mondoverde Club, an environmental association. As part of the summer 2020 activities, close to 60 youth from the Salesian oratory planted saplings. Four teams of youth were created and each was responsible for planting one sapling.

This activity is one of many that Salesian organizations around the globe have participated in recently in a push for broader environmental awareness and engagement. In April 2018, Salesians in India launched the Don Bosco Green Alliance, an international collective of youth from Salesian institutions and organizations that contribute to global environmental action, thought and policy. In two years, Don Bosco Green Alliance gained 273 registered members from 56 countries. Membership is open to all Salesian institutions and organizations worldwide.

In June 2020, Don Bosco Green Alliance launched the “Rethink, Reconnect, Renew” campaign. The new campaign will be carried out through the ongoing “Laudato Sì” year. On May 18, Pope Francis inaugurated “Laudato Si” at the Vatican commemorating the fifth anniversary of the publication of his eco-encyclical with the same title. As part of these efforts, Don Bosco Green Alliance was invited to lead initiatives within the school sector. The goal is to rethink educational programs to create greater awareness of ecology and to think about concrete actions that promote ecological vocations for youth, teachers and education managers.

This new campaign invites all of the Alliance members to rethink their priorities, their choices and their lifestyles, especially during the pandemic. Rethinking and reconnecting should inspire people to renew their way of living and ensure a healthier and happier future.

All Alliance members are being encouraged to make pledges on how they will concretely live more eco-friendly lives. Alliance members are also being asked to hold activities and programs during the year to bring about concrete outcomes at institutional and individual levels. A series of monthly webinars on topics connected to the theme of the campaign has been planned. Special events will be organized during the year in which members of the alliance can participate collectively.

“The Don Bosco Green Alliance is an important part of our Salesian youth ministry today,” said Father Savio Silveira, the convener of the Alliance. “Young people feel very strongly about the environmental crisis since they understand the impact it has on their lives and their future. Accompanying young people as they seek solutions to environmental issues has to be an aspect of our youth ministry.”

Don Bosco Green Alliance is focused on combating pollution, reducing global warming and eliminating disposable plastics. In each of these areas, it aims to partner with ongoing global campaigns promoted by UN Environment or other international organizations.

Members of the Alliance have also undertaken such initiatives as environmental education to increase green areas and planting trees, the reduction of the use of non-degradable materials, promotion of organic agriculture and home gardens, preservation and conservation of water, and increasing the use of renewable energy sources.



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