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ITALY: New program to boost job skills for youth

Partnership agreement focuses on construction-related employment


(MissionNewswire) Salesians for the Social APS in Italy has signed an agreement with Formedil, a national construction organization focused on training, safety and labor services. The organization has a network of 121 territorial bodies called building schools.

Salesians for the Social coordinates 88 associations nationwide focused on activities to counter youth marginalization and hardship. It has signed the agreement to design and manage initiatives that will provide education for vulnerable individuals, particularly migrants and refugees, to gain skills for construction-related employment. The goal is to ensure sustainable social and labor inclusion.

Salesians will provide socio-cultural, family and educational support, including teaching language courses and skill development. Formedil will help bridge the gap to ensure easier classroom to work access.

Father Francesco Preite, president of Salesians for the Social, said, “This is a protocol that will help us give hope to many young people, especially migrants and refugees, with training and the possibility of employment. Salesians for the Social is committed to welcoming migrants and refugees, but our system, just as Don Bosco did in the Turin of the 1800s, is not limited to offering a safe place to live, but thinks about the future, work, and dignity of these young people.”

Elena Lovera, Formedil’s president, added, “The protocol signed with Salesians for the Social is an important tool that will allow our institutions to give an answer to the sector’s demands for figures with high professionalism.”

This is one among many projects Salesians for Social has facilitated to help vulnerable populations gain an education and find long-term, stable employment. Salesians for the Social operates throughout the country as a network made up of foster homes, welcome communities, daycare centers, and other services. The network is diversified into ecclesiastical bodies, voluntary organizations, associations and social cooperatives.

Salesian programs across Italy help youth who are unable to attend school and others who drop out to work at the few jobs available to them. A growing number of children work as laborers on farms and others have turned to the sex trade to help support their families. Those in poverty often live without adequate shelter, hot water, regular meals and health care.

Poverty rose sharply in 2020 to its highest level in 15 years as the COVID-19 crisis brought economic challenges for much of the country. Close to 5.6 million people or 9.4% of the population are living in absolute poverty unable to buy goods or services to achieve a minimally acceptable standard of living, according to the World Bank. This number includes 1.3 million minors.



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