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ITALY: New campaign highlights global education, youth served

Salesians launch new ‘Limited Edition’ campaign and commercial highlighting global education mission


(MissionNewswire) On Jan. 31, Salesian missionaries in Rome, Italy, released a new Salesian commercial on broadcast television with the goal to showcase their educational mission for poor youth in countries around the globe. The commercial is part of the “Limited Edition” campaign to highlight the uniqueness of the youth they serve. The final moments of the commercial reinforces this message with the slogan “young people are not all the same, they’re all unique.”

The commercial lasts 30 seconds and has been translated into the nine languages of ​Italian, Albanian, Arabic, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Slovak. The campaign is supported by the rector major, Father Ángel Fernández Artime and coordinated by the General Economer’s Office, led by the general economer, Bro. Jean Paul Muller.

In a recent interview with Famiglia Cristiana, Italy’s leading Catholic weekly magazine, Fr. Artime said, “Certainly our identity brand is young people, their education, the formation of children, adolescents. Everything else, oratory, schools, high schools or vocational training centers, shelters for immigrant children, parishes, youth centers, university institutions, are means aimed at one purpose: to prepare the young generations for life. Our educational method continues to be that of Don Bosco: the preventive system, which is much more than a pedagogy.”

The purpose of this campaign is to build the digital identity of the Salesian Congregation, creating effective and easily recognizable brand awareness on individual platforms. In the coming weeks, the campaign will directly involve youth on the social networks they love and use most, allowing them to be the spokespeople of the campaign, highlight their uniqueness, and open dialogue with social media users.

The commercial and the campaign also provide an opportunity for Salesians to reach out to youth and their families and be recognized as an educational agency that provides hope and support for a brighter future. The commercial is available on YouTube at the ANSChannel.

Working in more than 132 countries around the globe, Salesian missionaries are regarded as the single largest provider of vocational and technical training in the world. They offer more than 1,000 vocational, technical, professional and agricultural schools around the globe. This training gives youth the practical skills to prepare for employment while helping them to lead productive lives and become contributing adults in their communities. These programs go beyond educating. They also assist youth with making connections within industries and preparing them for the process of searching, finding and retaining employment.



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ANS – RMG – “Young people are not all the same, they’re all unique”: worldwide commercial of the Salesians of Don Bosco “Limited Edition”

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