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INDIA: Youth Expo 2013 Focuses on Development of Youth Leaders in India

(MissionNewswire) The Don Bosco Institute in Guwahati in conjunction with the Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth of North East India hosted a Youth Expo focused on personal and social development for young leaders from Feb. 8-14 this year.

The theme for the Expo was “Capacity Building Training in Life Skills, Citizenship and Peer Education” with the goal of igniting the minds and spirits of the youth participating. According to many of the participants, it was a unifying event. With a focus on different cultural exchanges the youth had an opportunity to learn more about each other and create a dialogue which many believe has ignited the process of social change.

“Youth are the leaders of tomorrow so nurture them today,” stated Father Johnson Parackal, executive director of Don Bosco Institute in his welcome address.

The Youth Expo is one of many programs and activities facilitated by the Salesians in India whose focus is on providing education and vocational skills training to poor youth to break the cycle of poverty and help them lead productive lives. According to the World Bank, nearly 44 percent of India’s work force is illiterate and only 17 percent has secondary schooling. Building the skills of India’s rapidly rising workforce is a key focus for reducing poverty. Between 2003 and 2009, the number of out-of-school children declined from 25 million to eight million.

Many leaders in India attended the Youth Expo including His Excellency Sri Ranjit Sekhar Mooshahary, Governor of Meghalaya and guest of honor, Father V. M. Thomas, Salesian of Don Bosco Provincial in Guwahati.

In his speech, Sri Mooshahary focused on the importance of providing youth lessons in human values and helping them find the right path for their own social development. He urged the youth to transform their dreams into reality.

During Fr. Thomas’ speech, he expressed the importance of holding events such as the Youth Expo in the region while also training youth in leadership skills, enabling them to move forward and create productive lives for themselves and their communities.

The Expo was marked by the release of the book, The Secrets of High Achievers – 17 Lessons from the World’s Great Achievers, authored by Father John Parankimalil. The Governor, while releasing the book, emphasized the importance of youth standing united in society, building their own futures, achieving success in life and bringing change to the world.

The grand finale of Youth Expo 2013 was presentations of the traditional songs and dances of India.


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