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INDIA: School provides education and safe place to live

Young students at Don Bosco Orphanage receive housing and educational support thanks to donor funding from Salesian Missions


(MissionNewswire) Don Bosco Orphanage, located in Katpadi, a locality in Vellore in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, received donor funding from Salesian Missions, the U.S. development arm of the Salesians of Don Bosco. The orphanage, part of the Salesian Vellore Diocese, provides a home to poor orphan and semi-orphan Catholic boys to give them an education and a safe place to live. Today, 220 boys live at the Don Bosco Orphanage, which acts as a boarding school for the Don Bosco Secondary School.

The Don Bosco Orphanage is less of an orphanage and more of a boarding school for young students. As the number of orphans decreases, Salesians are admitting students from impoverished families, children from rural areas without schools, children whose parents may migrate for better work possibilities and children who desire a Catholic education.

Students at Don Bosco Orphanage receive a safe place to stay, healthy nutrition, medical care and their school fees. They also have opportunities to play various sports and develop musical interests. If the students are orphans, they receive free education, and all of their physical, social, and economic needs are met. If students are able to pay, they are encouraged and motivated to share a part of their expenses.

“Don Bosco Orphanage is an iconic boarding school in our diocese and has made a number of young people realize their strength and has helped them to chase their dreams,” said Father Edwin Vasanthan, who is in charge of the orphanage. “We provide holistic formation in all the fields. We give the best of everything to help these young boys become loving and honest citizens to the nation at large.”

Salesians with the Vellore Diocese also provide scholarships, night schools, and computer and tailoring centers. There are also motivational classes and job guidance for those students who are ready to join the workforce.

More than 22 percent of India’s population lives in poverty. About 31 percent of the world’s multidimensionally poor children live in India, according to a report by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative. A multidimensionally poor child is one who lacks at least one-third of 10 indicators, grouped into three dimensions of poverty: health, education and standard of living.

Salesian programs across India are primarily focused on education. Salesian primary and secondary education in the country helps youth prepare for later technical, vocational or university study. Other programs help to support poor youth and their families by meeting the basic needs of shelter, proper nutrition and medical care.



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