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INDIA: Salesians focus on environment

Salesians India World Environment Day

BREADS holds awareness events on environmental awareness day

Salesians in India.


(MissionNewswire) Salesians in India held awareness events around the country for World Environment Day on June 5. They focused the events on issues of land restoration, desertification and drought resilience. Bangalore Rural Education and Development Society (BREADS) led many of these initiatives.

A Salesian said, “As the generation that inherits a host of environmental problems, it is critical that we, and especially young people, grasp the importance of restoring and preserving the land, soil, and water sources. Our futures depend on our actions.”

BREADS and its Don Bosco partners gathered in various places in Karnataka and Kerala to host events. BREADS also produced a short video about protecting the environment. Trainees from Don Bosco Best Academy in Bangalore cleaned up the neighborhood roads, planted a garden and created posters to express their commitment to a green environment.

In Karnataka, Salesians held college, school and community awareness programs on the preservation of the environment. They also planted saplings in their localities to increase green cover and protect the soil. In Hospet, all the school children received saplings to plant and nurture at home.

In Kerala, BREADS’ Drug Rehabilitation Education and Mentoring teams observed the day in their districts. In Kasaragod, while planting trees and encouraging afforestation, the team emphasized the connection between drug-free and sustainable evergreen lives. In Wayanad, the team collaborated with environmental activists and colleges to plant trees, spread the message of environment conservation and a drug-free lifestyle. In Kollam, the team planted saplings.

The Salesian added, “These initiatives were endeavors to nurture generations of young people who understand and treat the Earth with appreciation and respect. They are #GenerationRestoration and the Earth’s future depends on them.”

Salesians around the globe have had a focus on the environment. Many of these efforts are in response to Pope Francis’ 2020 Laudato Si’, which had as its theme “Good Christians and Upright Citizens.” Pope Francis underlined the importance of education and training to help youth foster environmental responsibility.



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