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INDIA: Don Bosco Institute of Technology Develops New Center for Sustainability Development

(MissionNewswire) Don Bosco Institute of Technology recently concluded its International Conference on Technologies for Sustainable Development 2015 which brought together researchers, government leaders, corporations and nonprofit organizations to explore and examine technologies that will lead to economic and sustainable development in India. As a result of this conference, the Institute, with the assistance of its corporate partners, will develop a research center for sustainable development on its campus in the suburb of Kurla just north of Mumbai.

The new sustainable development center will focus on improvements in energy, transportation, clean water, waste management and agriculture which were identified at the conference as the current most pressing needs in the country.

India has close to 1.2 billion people and is expected to grow by another 300 million within the next couple of decades, according to the United Nations. Cities will generate two-thirds of the country’s economic output and there exists significant migration from rural areas of India to major urban centers as people seek out more stable employment opportunities. As a result, urban infrastructure including water, sewage and power supplies as well as transportation systems, educational centers and medical services will be challenged. Planning for this growth using sustainable practices is critical.

“The International conference provided an opportunity for the community of researchers and students to showcase their research findings from projects and studies completed in the field of technology for sustainable development,” said Father Adolph Furtado, rector of the Don Bosco Center for Learning, during the conference’s closing ceremony. “The new center will provide a mechanism for industry partnership and ongoing research and work for long-term change in this field.”

Don Bosco Institute of Technology is part of the Don Bosco Center for Learning, a Salesian network of educational institutions located on an eco-friendly six-acre campus in Kurla. The Don Bosco Center for Learning’s network encompasses four other educational institutions including St. Joseph’s Industrial Training Institution, Don Bosco Maritime Academy, Don Bosco College for Hospitality Studies, Mass Media and Management Studies and Don Bosco Institute of Management & Research for Masters in Management. In addition, the Center’s campus has a center for social change.

Through its educational institutions, Don Bosco Center for Learning provides vocational, technical and advanced degree education for poor youth in India. The goal is to provide students the employment skills necessary to find and retain stable employment. Hosting the international conference and the creation of the sustainable development center lends additional support to the Center’s growing academic programs and research capacity. International corporations such as GROHE Germany, IBM, Volkswagen, Toyota and Ford, among others have been supporting ongoing educational projects on the campus for many years.

India is home to more than 400 million poor people or one third of the world’s poor, according to UNICEF. Although more than 53 million people escaped poverty between 2005 and 2010, most remain vulnerable to falling back below the poverty line.

There is a lack of educational opportunities in the country often due to issues of caste, class and gender and with 44 percent of the workforce illiterate, there is much work to be done. Less than 10 percent of the working-age population has completed a secondary education and too many secondary graduates do not have the knowledge and skills to compete in today’s changing job market.


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