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INDIA: Don Bosco College Golaghat adds new academic arts building

Facility includes a computer lab and a solar panel power plant


(MissionNewswire) The Don Bosco College, located in Golaghat, Assam, India, has inaugurated a new academic arts building, which includes a computer lab and a solar panel power plant. The inauguration event was attended and led by Ajanta Neog, finance, woman and child development minister. The program was organized by the Don Bosco College management and student forum under the leadership of Father Amaladoss, vice principal of Don Bosco College Golaghat.

During the event, Minister Neog said, “When I entered into this institution, the environment of love, peace, devotion, and dedication could be seen and experienced. You are very lucky and I am honored to inaugurate the college building. This kind of environment is essential for the purpose of education. Education is the foundation of the society which needs to be strong. I congratulate all of you. Don Bosco College Golaghat is an institution which is playing a very vital role for the promotion of our society along with the path of education and upliftment.”

Neog also congratulated the institution for achieving a “B+ grade” in the first cycle of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) assessment in just seven years in operation. She added that the students of the institution are truly blessed and should take pride while studying there. In concluding, Neog pledged to help the institution financially.

Father Policarp Xalxo, Ph. D. and principal of Don Boco College, described how the institution is growing year after year. He highlighted the cultural diversity when students performed folk dances and dressed in their Assamese, Karbi, Adivasi, Wancho and other traditional dresses.

Don Bosco College was established in 2015 to provide higher education for poor youth whose families are working in tea gardens and those in remote tribes from the neighboring states. The college provides a vital education and housing for 150 boys and 135 girls.

India has the world’s fourth largest economy but more than 22 percent of the country lives in poverty. About 31 percent of the world’s multidimensionally poor children live in India, according to a report by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative.

India’s youth face a lack of educational opportunities due to issues of caste, class and gender. Almost 44 percent of the workforce is illiterate and less than 10 percent of the working-age population has completed a secondary education. In addition, many secondary school graduates do not have the knowledge and skills to compete in today’s changing job market.



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Don Bosco South Asia – Assam Finance Minister Smt Ajanta Neog inaugurates Academic Arts Building of Don Bosco College

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