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INDIA: Assam Don Bosco University highlighted in the “Aiming Higher” series produced by BBC StoryWorks


(MissionNewswire) Assam Don Bosco University, India’s first Catholic university, has been highlighted in a series of 30 mini-documentary style films produced by BBC StoryWorks, the commercial productions division of the BBC. The series was produced as part of the “Aiming Higher” project promoted by the International Association of Universities (IAU), in collaboration with the BBC, to convey the important role universities play in the transformation of the world.

The “Aiming Higher” series was presented on Nov. 14, in Puebla, Mexico, at the IAU International Conference. The series, which will be made available on a dedicated website launched at the conference, will have additional promotion through a global advertising campaign on the BBC’s website outside of the U.K.

The “Aiming Higher” series illustrates significant stories in the fields of internationalization, technology, leadership and sustainable development cultivated in different universities, spotlighting the essential contributions of higher education to social development worldwide.

The segment that focuses on Assam Don Bosco University is entitled “Testing the Waters.”

“We were happy to spotlight the life story of how people of Assam now have access to clean drinking water thanks to the university’s efforts. It was fascinating to work on the project with the ADBU team and better understand what drives your institution … And we hope that this film will provide you with a powerful communication tool,” wrote Simon Shelley, Global Director of Programme Partnerships, BBC Global News, in an official message to Father Stephen Mavely, vice-chancellor and rector of Assam Don Bosco University.

In response, Fr. Mavely wrote, “It was wonderful to admire the way this project was conceived, organized and wonderfully managed by the BBC and IAU. Thank you for the excellent work.”

Addressing those who participated in the project at Assam Don Bosco University, Fr. Mavely noted, “It’s amazing to imagine the millions, literally millions of people around the world, that will be reached by this IAU-BBC production, people who will indeed get the message that higher education can and should be a change for the best in people’s real life, starting with the closest ones. Assam Don Bosco University fully shares this vision: it is written in our genes.”

Last year, Assam Don Bosco University was honored with the “University of the Year” award by the Indian Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Assam Don Bosco University was the first private university to be built in Assam and was founded on March 29, 2008, by the Don Bosco Society in the Salesian Province of Guwahati. The university was launched to meet the educational needs of students in northeastern India and offers graduate and postgraduate degree programs as well as research programs in various disciplines.

Assam Don Bosco University is recognized by the University Grants Commission and accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council. The university has also established collaborative arrangements with universities and institutions in India and around the world.

India has the world’s fourth largest economy but more than 22 percent of the country lives in poverty. About 31 percent of the world’s multidimensionally poor children live in India, according to a report by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative. A multidimensionally poor child is one who lacks at least one-third of 10 indicators, grouped into three dimensions of poverty: health, education and standard of living.

Salesian programs across India are primarily focused on education. Salesian primary and secondary education in the country helps youth prepare for later technical, vocational or university study. Other programs help to support poor youth and their families by meeting the basic needs of shelter, proper nutrition and medical care.



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