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GLOBAL: International Salesian conference “Energy Forever” brings together 38 representatives from 20 countries to discuss green, clean and renewable energy

(MissionNewswire) On Nov. 26-27, the international Salesian conference “Energy Forever” was held on green, clean and renewable energy in Rome, Italy. The conference was organized by the Economer General’s Office in collaboration with members of the Don Bosco Network and the Missions Sector.

The conference was attended by 38 representatives from nongovernmental organizations, Mission offices and Salesian institutions from 20 countries from across the globe, including the Economer General of the Congregation, Salesian Brother Jean Paul Muller.

The “Energy Forever” conference focused on Sustainable Development Goal No. 7 on clean and accessible energy. In light of “COP25” (25th United Nations Conference on climate change Dec 2-13 in Madrid, Spain), it also focused on the definition of a common perspective and the adoption of concrete commitments toward clean and renewable energy.

The purpose of the conference was to bring together the leaders and directors of many Salesian organizations to reflect on the topic of climate change and develop a sustainable development strategy for educational programs at Salesian institutes worldwide.

The scientific data showing the relationship between energy and climate change, and the severity of the climate crisis, together with projections for the coming decades were illustrated during an introductory work session. The information used in the session was curated by former German parliamentarian Hans Josef Fell.

In a later session, Salesian Father Joshtrom Kureethadam, coordinator of the ecology and creation sector within the Vatican Dicastery for the Integral Human Development Service, presented the Church’s position on the subject of energy supplies and clean energy.

An afternoon session, facilitated by Salesian Father Martin Poulsom, of the Youth Ministry of the British Province, offered the Salesian perspective on the theme and how it affects youth, considering the pronouncements of the General Chapters and other Salesian documents on this topic, which over the years has become increasingly current and urgent.

The first day of the conference ended with a new presentation by Fell on the new alternatives and the new paradigms available today on the subject of energy. A youth roundtable followed, which included the perspectives of three young adults who have experience with voluntary service, pastoral care and youth associations.

The final day of the conference highlighted Salesian practices and measures being carried out in various geographical and operational contexts. The attendees were divided into groups to discuss ideas that emerged from the different conference sessions. Following, attendees participated in workshops on that focused on the issues in the Amazon, Congo, Gobi and Sahara deserts.

The conference ended with a final commitment from Salesian organizations on the topics as well as an introduction of a specific monitoring system on the effective adoption of the approved measures.



Photo courtesy of Don Bosco Network

Don Bosco Network – “Energy Forever”. Don Bosco organizations discuss green, clean and renewable energy