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CZECH REPUBLIC: Honey project launches to educate youth, provide funds

Salesian Youth Center launches its first batch of honey from Salesian Honey project

(MissionNewswire) Salesian Youth Center in České Budějovice, Czech Republic, has a new Salesian Honey project that is providing another educational opportunity for youth. The idea was first conceived in 2013 by Ondřej Trojek, director of the Salesian Youth Center, but it took a few years to turn an idea into educational practice.

Trojek explained, “The idea was conceived at a lecture I attended. I must admit that the other attendees were more enthused about the idea than I was. The thought had been slowly ripening in my mind and awaited the right moment and the right people.”

This year’s beekeeping season is considered one of the worst and most difficult in the last couple of decades. Yet on Dec. 8, the Salesian Honey project launched the sale of its first batch of honey, which is a high-quality, an honest and an original product. The Salesian Honey project is also serving as an opportunity for the Salesian Youth Center to earn revenue, which will help to fund activities for youth.

“Due to the financial backing of the City of České Budějovice, we were not only able to purchase essential beekeeping equipment, but also beekeeping suits for children and thus enable children to visit our beekeeping sites,” said Trojek. “For many of these children, this was their first encounter with beekeeping and with the life of a honeybee. After witnessing the children’s bright, sparkling eyes above the open beehive where they had the opportunity to observe worker bees, drones and the queen bee, we are convinced that this is the way forward.”

The Salesian Honey project takes many people working together in collaboration for it to be successful. Employees of the Salesian Youth Center have come to gather with the support of their family, friends and community members. Trojek added, “The fact that honey connects us and enriches us is the most fun aspect of the whole beekeeping experience. We cannot forget that the key element of the project is youth, who have the opportunity to become beekeepers for short while, get to know bees and the beekeeping craft.”

Trojek said, “It was challenging at first and some thought we were foolish, but we are becoming a part of something new and we hope that in a few years, our Salesian honey will be a household favorite and available for sale throughout all of the Czech Republic and also in the Italian Torino in Valdocco—the cradle of the Salesian family.”

According to the World Bank, the economy in the Czech Republic has been on an upward trend, reducing poverty and unemployment. Women are most at risk of poverty because they earn 22 percent less than their male counterparts. Children of low-income wage earners are also among the highest at-risk groups for poverty in the country. Education plays a major role in helping these youth gain the skills needed for later employment. Accessing education and job training offer helps these youth gain employment skills in industries that are hiring.



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