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Child Found by Don Bosco Brothers in Tamil Nadu

(TAMENGLONG, INDIA) The article reports that a boy from Tamenglong district of Manipur was found on the streets in the Salem district in Tamil Nadu on March 2, 2012. In the article, a reliable source stated that, “the child has been rescued by Don Bosco Fathers working for street children at Salem, Tamil Nadu.”

The article noted that Liangamang Robert, who met the child, tried speaking to him but found that he could speak only some words of Rongmei and something that sounded like Kuki dialect. However, according to the report, he said, “the boy could speak Tamil fluently” and when asked about his village in Rongmei, “the child could say Duiga.”

In addition to providing contact information for those who may have some information on the missing boy, the report noted that while “the Don Bosco fathers do not have any problem looking after the boy, they, however, feel that he should be reintegrated with his family or at least to a culture he can identify himself with.”

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